Family Value Pharmacy | Dispill Specialty Packaging
A full service pharmacy serving the community of Auburn, Nebraska and the surrounding areas.
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Dispill Specialty Packaging

Patient Services
About This Project

We offer Dispill here, a patented multi-dose packaging system that takes the guesswork out of of taking your medication. Each dose is labeled with the date and time, so missed doses are easy to discover. No more wondering if you remembered to take your morning pills. We can even add your over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements too!

Times are color-coded, and each pack is filled by the pharmacy, eliminating the possibility of mixing up your medications. The packs are fully detachable as well, allowing you to take just the medications you need when you’re out, whether it’s only for a few hours or a week-long vacation.

Best of all? There is no additional cost for this packaging, and we will also have it delivered to you free of charge. Still have questions? Call us for a free sample, or if you want to get started!